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  1. Really appreciate your message Valen. Heard your interview on Borderless and recently visited Acapulco for the Anarchist event. Hope to visit San Miguel next.
    Currently “unloading” debt and belongings, to free us up to make a move. 2015 is it! It would be great to meet you someday.
    Take care and keep up the inspirational messages, it’s working!!

  2. Hello Valen,
    my name is Kalee and I have been following your work for a couple years now. I haven’t seen or heard anything from you for years and so I am just checking in to see if you are still offering coaching sessions with you. You have inspired me like no one else has over the years. Even gotten me out of some pretty deep funks a few times. So what have you been doing with yourself and your coaching over the past couple years? I would like to check out your podcasts of recent. Please hook me up with links to your current blogs, podcasts or You Tube shows that are current. I miss your philosophies! Thank you and I hope you are well! fondly, Kalee

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